Monday, August 23, 2010

for the party girl.

here's a little poem i wrote...

it’s over now. and you won’t remember,
you won’t recall your dress, your shoes. 
your make up. the vodka a burning ember.
or even that mysterious bruise. 
and they all knew as the night progressed,
the shattering pain that was to come.
the vomit splattered across your chest,
your heart no longer a steady drum.
and how did you get down those stairs?
how did you manage to leave?
the ambo’s helped you past those chairs,
you are just too naive.
no one’s ever going to trust you now,
how much freedom did you think they’d allow?

hope you enjoyed that. it's in english sonnet form, which we're currently studying at school. so i thought i might just put to use my newly acquired knowledge and write something.


i'm sorry i couldn't find a better photo to use... i seriously need to get an outfit post together soon! 
sorry about that! be looking out for one!
hope you guys are enjoying the new header! i felt like we needed a photo up there for a change so i did a quick photoshop job of one of the pictures you might recognise from art camp.


Georgina said...

This poem's great, definitely sums up a lot of party nights! I love the new header as well x

lilyruby said...

lovely poem!

Indie.Tea said...

The poem is wonderful...and the header is beautiful.

minnja said...

I love it

Anonymous said...

Share more please.

Kry said...

So blue and eternal <3 Love this poem!

Cowbiscuits said...

wow you're really good, I get it, me and friend used to go out twice a week, i'd have weird bruises and she'd be sick constantly. I've fortunately left that in my past and prefer going out and not drinking.

Closet Fashionista said...

I love that photo!! And that poem is great!!! :D
(and YES! Go Harry Potter :D)