Sunday, August 8, 2010

eleventh outfit post.

i'm wearing...
1*vintage black shift dress-mama's, circa 1970
2*floral blazer by don't ask amanda
3*lace up boots given to me by friends-rubi shoes

sunday. but i'm grounded. mmmm fun. cleaning. very fun. it's cold.
i enjoyed the last few moments of the afternoon sunlight, though.
i may just be bothered enough to do another outfit post tonight, seeing as i have to stay home anyway.
how's everyone's weekends coming along?

xx rena.


Anonymous said...

I love that blazer <3

Rose said...

great blazer... everytime im in general im drawn to it!
this may sound strange but that view looks so familiar!! lovely blog

Zabrinah said...

Wow. A floral blazer. You look amazing in it. I love these photos. Your blog is one-of-a-kind.

And you are beautiful. This outfit is beyond amazing. Those lace up boots are perfect. I really love them

Good post!

Best wishes from one blogger to another,


natalie ann said...

verrrry adorable :)


Indigo said...

Love this so much!!

Keep tuned for my giveaway very soon! XX

Anonymous said...

i have an award for you! Please pick it up at my blog.


{ I V Y } said...

the blazer and boots.
too cool.

Tanya Bermudez said...

Love the blazer. Uber chic outfit :)