Monday, August 9, 2010

twelfth outfit post.

firstly, i'd like to thank sonia at tous les garcons et les filles for my fourth blog award. [[i did receive one a while ago, but forgot to post it]] 
it says i need to give it to 15 people, but assignments are-a-piling and i've got a history exam next week, so here are 5 that i've been keeping my eye on... [[sorry, i really don't mean to be slack]]
1*victoria at prairies mon coeur
2*ellen at .acid rain.
4*brogan at brick and bones
5*elyse at apple daisy

now moving on, here's the outfit post i did hurriedly after getting home early today, and the sun was doing wonders. i set the camera so everything went super-pinky toned. enjoy!

i'm wearing...
1*thrifted white knit
2*vintage red cardigan-mama's, circa 1975
3*handmade skirt [[by me]] 
4*cream ankle socks-rubi shoes
5*wedges by tony bianco
6*vintage leather bag from shanghai
7*chloe sunglasses
it's monday, another week!
on wednesday i'll be headed off to art camp [[excited!]], and won't be able to post until friday night. 
but it'll be huge. all the photography from art camp will have you scrolling for ages! 
remind me, i should probably inspire you guys another set of song's i'm raving about at the moment. 
xx rena.


VanilahFashion said...

I love your top

and shoes! are they the nemesis? By Toni Bianco?

Vanilah xx

Carissa said...

the sunflare is amazing!! + that shoes is sooo lovee!

fashionstoned said...

Great look! love your shoess and polkadots are awesome!

indigotangerine said...

I love the colors in this outfit.