Tuesday, August 24, 2010

just nod if you can hear me.

salvador + pablo, at your service.

so i guess there are things in my life right now confusing me. 
  • i want to know why you want me miserable
  • i want to know why you can't let things be
  • i want to make you let it go
  • i want you to stop terrorising me
hey, they make good song lyrics. they may just become a song. when i have time. 
have you ever had that feeling where everything is so unbelievably overwhelming, and you just don't want to deal with it? and what if there are things in your life, that make you more than happy, yet you're restrained from them? 
right now i just want to break free. i want something in the world to happen, something so life changing that i might just wake up and want to do something about something. anything. i would've bothered to give you all a pretty outfit post today. but i wasn't. my hair was closer to kurt cobain's level of greasiness. maybe that's why. and i'm letting radiohead lift and deflate my spirits all at once. something's wrong, but i'm not sure what. 
i would've joined a committee at school, but my initiative levels just weren't picking up. i want to know there's someone out there feeling what i am. and i know there's only one person i can talk to.
but i can't because i'm trapped in this space i call home. 
after all, i'm not a vegetable.
oh, and i can tell you all now that i do have something against courtney love. 


and while you're at it... i've finally come up with a 5 song playlist for you guys, something i haven't done in a really long time.

1*comfortably numb-pink floyd [[dad came back from overseas a few days ago, this song came on in the car and it felt right]]
2*anyone can play guitar-radiohead [[and yes, i really do want to be like jim morrison, just not the part where i die at 27]]
3*banana co.-radiohead [[yes, a little more radiohead for you today]]
4*waste myself-this providence

it's been a long time since i checked my horoscope. believe it or not, i actually believe in it most of the time. i'm not feeling used or deceived. but this surprisingly is a time where i'm finding i'm getting a lot inspiration, like the poem i wrote and posted yesterday, which i received some lovely comments regarding. so what now, a song? that may just work. perhaps this hectic period will pay off in a pleasant way. if only i could see you now...


Nataliexxx said...

you just reminded me i'm in need of a good pair of sporty flats. Great posts!

laurennicolelove.com said...

1. i'm a new follower.
2. i love your blog.
3. your header is fantastic.
4. i found you thru paige.
5. we should be friends.