Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kenzo Resort 2011.

at first i wasn’t so sure. from what i could see from the thumbnails on, i thought, "i probably won't like it." but i was wrong, wrongwrongwrong. in fact, as i clicked the ‘next’ button, i was completely captivated by the bright florals Kenzo had to offer. [[previously, i wasn't a complete Kenzo fan]]
so yes, Kenzo is typically reliant on prints, but this time the big florals really got to me. 
the combination of nudes and florals, the splatter of a print here and there, and the bright colours meant that Kenzo quickly made it to the top of my list. obviously, having to incorporate current trends, Kenzo’s colour palette was entirely different to what i’d previously browsed. so yes, this came out about two months ago, and yes, i didn’t do my research soon enough, but hey! it’s spring in Australia now, so  i guess this is only fitting. anyways, enough of my ramblings…enjoy the pretty pictures off!
i vow to recreate that skirt in the second last photo. not to mention, this collection has me thinking that clogs aren't so bad anymore... but i'm still not sure.


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crazy pig said...

It's too much colorful for me, but he cuts are interesting... Especially these shorts and vest from the third photo are great :)
Thank you very much for following me, I really appreciate it ♥