Wednesday, August 11, 2010

art camp!

hey guys,

so unfortunately i don't have any photos at the moment! shame. but the scenery here is beautiful. we've been doing some funky things, 4 hour bus ride listening to the pixies, radiohead, the killers, arctic monkeys, and crazy tunes from the 70's.
so just to give you guys a little update [[no, i'm not dead!]] we're playing with my friends' glowstick. hopefully it doesn't break and go spasticated everywhere. the bulb photography is amazing! we just had some awesome fun rolling on the ground laughing at the success of our first photo! wish us luck (:

xx rena.


Georgina said...

Wow I love that photo, the colours are amazing! Hope you're having a good time :) x

Tansy said...

i wish i could go to art camp!!!

Zabrinah said...

Pretty, pretty image! It's mesmerizing!

Good luck to you, dear!

Best wishes from one blogger to another,


The Man from Amsterdam said...

incredible light art :)

Sofie said...

Woo The Killers! ^ ^
Awesome photo, I love anything that glows.
glad to hear you're having a good time~

Panda said...

Sounds amazing - and that picture is awesome. Preeeetttyyy colours :)
You might wanna check out my blog, I got back from devon, and I've done a new post. + Thanks for your lovely comment, sorry for the late reply... I'm so busy! Panda xxx

Pachi Sánchez said...

A very inspiring photo. I love the colors!!
Congratulations for your blog :)
I invite you to see my blog abaut my artworks.

Regards from Madrid

minnja said...

Great pic