Friday, August 20, 2010

it's only appropriate..

funny thing is, this picture was accidental. i love it.
i know i'm starting to get a bit off-track with all my posts seemingly a little far from fashion.. however, this can be justified, [[i think]]. 
so on sunday, i happened to participate in walk against warming, in sydney.
with the election here in australia tomorrow, i felt it was only appropriate that i share with you some of the photos i took that day. i've decided that after this lot, i'm going to stop using the strange pinky-toned pictures and perhaps go back to normal. or black + white. we'll see. 
the ideas proposed at the walk were immensely intriguing [[note the alliteration]], and honestly, i believe that the current topic to tackle is climate change. it is the seminal problem for many other issues, 
the global food crisis being one example. it seems all too distressing that while there are one billion + people out there starving, i'm having afternoon tea. i shall be ashamed. 
no one knows the outcome for tomorrow's election. i just hope that the candidates have in mind a radical plan to help this country make some radical changes.
sorry about the rant, enjoy!

[[i've decided to remove the xx's]] rena.


pipmarshall said...

wish i was there!

xox pip

juancocco said...

great pictures ;)

Joanna said...

i love these photos!

MMM said...

just discovered your blog...amazing=)
these pics are incredible...complimet!!!
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Naima said...

Impegno e bellezza, you're great!