Wednesday, August 18, 2010

brand: April77

i've been looking at april 77 jeans for a while now. the latest shoot is amazing, the drums really hit close to home [[in a good way]]. so here are some photos, in case you haven't already seen it!
[[all photos taken from the april 77 site]]

how's everyone's weeks coming along?

xx rena.


elenaticktack said...

woow,i love all ur photos! and your blog is awsome!
follow u too :D


Silkybow said...

wow the latest shoot is amazing~ :)

Panda said...

These are such gorgeous photos! I lovveeee the black and white. :) Panda xxx

Jana and Vanessa said...

Really great pictures! They inspire us a lot
Check out our new TV SHOW, we are always searching for inspiring styles/looks!
All the best
Midnight Couture Girls

Indie.Tea said...

Their stuff does look amazing...and so their shoot.

Cristiana.C said...

I love this blog, just found it!
please visit mine! if you like, follow me and I'll follow back!!