Thursday, August 5, 2010


guess what i got yesterday?
yep: green day and the offspring cd's! and best of all, they were free. all i had to do was make a small donation. [[i work at a charity shop]] the nerds rope was thrown in for a bit of colour and fun.
it's almost friday! which means it's almost the weekend! i'll just go crazy with my cd's.
oh, and, this weekend, i think i'm going to rename all of my clothing. with real names.
i've already started with the new monochrome chucks of mine...

left: salvador, right: pablo

i made a new blog header today, hope you like it. incorporated salvador + pablo. just the names though. it was quick. when i get the time to sit down and doodle i'll draw a real header.
xx rena.


pipmarshall said...

you're so lucky! i love green day!


Tendai Lewis said...

I love the converse and the cds

Oana Roxana said...

You've called your shoes salvador and pablo? You're so cool! :D